Carton printing machine

Rotary comb opener design works

Rotary comb opener design works ok but is not as easy to use as a traditional comb opener that uses a handle for operation.


New plastic comb binding machine available from GBCManual punch with new stylish design and new features not found in any other plastic comb binding machines.Nodisengageable Box Printing Machine Manufacturers dies for punching custom sized sheets. It also does nothave an open throat so it can't be used for legal sized punching or forA4 size.The manual punch limits volume and thus is not ideal for high volume applications.Ergonomically designed handle for left and right handed operation. This manual comb binding system is part of GBC new offeringof Precision Punch Binding Systems and is ideal for offices that needto bind documents quickly and easily.25sheet punching capacity (actually more like 22 sheets) is one of thelargest capacities offered by a manual comb binding machine.Auto centering technology saves setup time by eliminating the need to set the paper edge guide for punching. Carton Production Line Suppliers


Mostly plastic design including new features such as document separator and auto centering guide.Promises to make binding both quicker and easier. .Not highly durable for high volume applications.

Limitations / Weaknesses:

No depth of punch guide for choosing the distance of the holes from the edge of the paper.Good for occasional use.

Features / Strengths:

Document separator speeds up punching by separating pages into perfect sections every time.The new GBC CombBind C340 Comb Binding Machinehas wonderful new features not included on any other binding machine onthe market

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